04 April 2010

Easter Break

Hong Kongers enjoy a curious mix of public holidays and this last weekend was a prime example. Good Friday and Easter Monday were both public holidays, with Easter Monday this year clashing with Ching Ming (one of the two grave-sweeping days for the Chinese), which meant Tuesday is a day off!

Not really wanting to get on a plane, my hubby and I headed to Macau, the ex-Portuguese territory on the other side of the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong and just one hour away by hovercraft.

Taking advantage of a great package, which included the room at the Venetian, breakfast, ferry tickets, MOP500 worth of vouchers, a 45min spa treatment, a welcome drink at Boca, and a VIP shopping card, we had a really great three day break.

While hotels on top of casinos in general are not fabulous, I do like The Venetian given it's just so gloriously tacky! Very large rooms, a huge range of dining options, shows and a good number of shops in the canal labyrinth. What more could a girl ask for?

Bon Voyage!

Travel Tip: Hong Kong permanent residents have always only needed to use their HK identity cards to get into Macau. Now we don't even need to fill in an immigration form! The officer just swipes your card and hands you a printed slip that summarizes the details of your tourist visa.

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