12 April 2010

Caring for Cufflinks & Earrings

If you only buy one of my Monday Must-Haves, it should be this week's recommendation.

Not much survives living in the bottom of my handbag pretty much permanently. But the Giorgio Fedon 1919 Patent Eco-leather Mini Case has!

Giorgio Fedon started his company making his now-world-renowned glasses cases near Treviso in 1919, and today the company is a leading brand with some truly beautiful travel accessories. Not only do these marvelous little boxes have an exterior that seems to shrug off dirt and stay looking lovely (well it did before one of my kitties savagely clawed it), the strong hinges keep all the contents inside the case too.

These fab. little cases come in a huge range of colours and now patterned ones are starting to appear.

Bon Voyage!

Travel Tip: I have a really small felt pouch into which I slip my pearl earrings before I put them in the case. While they won't get crushed because the cases are hard, it does provide peace of mind that over time something won't gouge a chunk out of them.

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