15 March 2010

Crazy About My Kindle

I read a lot. My hubby says that I don't read, I skim. But either way I get through a lot of books. Typically I can get through up to four books on a five-day business trip. Together with a couple of my favourite magazines, the weight all adds up.

After a trek through Bangkok airport while in transit a couple of weeks ago, I decided that the welt in my shoulder was telling me something. So I weighed the books when I got home.

The stack came in at 7 lbs, 14½ ounces!!

I'd heard a lot about the Kindle, but was unsure whether to buy one. But this experience encouraged me to take the plunge and order one online.

When I got it, I loved it immediately. And encourage everyone who reads a lot to get one. It's so easy to read (have tested it in direct sunlight too), but best of all because it stores up to 1,500 books, you can keep all your old favourites with you. I immediately downloaded a book that includes some poetry I like, some Jane Austen and a couple of my other 'comfort reads'. The chance to download books on-the-go too is great. Instant access to new books when you read that rave review.

My only disappointments are that Katherine by Anya Seton isn't available (at all) and that Georgette Heyer's Regency romances are only available to U.S. residents. Amazon's advice? Write to the author to encourage her to speak to her publisher about publication rights. I didn't get a reply when I pointed out she's dead. Grrrr...

But these are only minor niggles given the access and ability to store all those books via a cool gadget that slots easily into my handbag, and weighs in at only 10.2 ounces.

Bon Voyage!

Travel Tip: Before setting out, download some of your favourite books from some of the freebie sites that have e-books, such as manybooks,net or freekindlebooks.org.

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