06 March 2010

Up in the Air

Finally got around to seeing this. And there were more than a couple of moments (e.g. the quip about the HiltonHonors priority line) that resonated. Loved the film, but am so so grateful that I have my hubby and am not walking into a shell of a home à la Ryan Bingham.

Bon Voyage!

Travel Tip: Click through to RyansRulesofTravel.com to see the tips imparted in the film and add your own. A lot of the ones added by the general public are rubbish, but some are quite useful. My fav. was that at the TSA line, you should put your belongings on the conveyor belt in the following order: jacket, shoes, laptop, purse, carry on bag. You can put your jacket and shoes on while your purse and bag are being scanned (and rescanned). Now why didn't I think of that before?

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