22 February 2010

Portable Photos

On every trip, the first thing I make sure is in my bag is my travel photo frame, which has a picture of me and my hubby together, and one just of him. They sit by my bed in every hotel room in which I stay and it's the last thing I look at as I turn out the lights on a night.

To buy the frame pictured here, visit the Shanghai Tang online store.

Bon Voyage!

Travel Tip: The next thing in my bag is a little dish which I use to keep safe my earrings and rings as I sleep. Make sure it's an unusual one as otherwise you'll find that an overzealous maid will remove it when cleaning your room!

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fbm said...

Hi Girl About Asia,

Like your blog. Was wondering if you'd be interested in writing a couple of travel guides for AsianCorrespondent.com. You can email me at fbm at hybridnewsgroup dot com for details.