18 January 2010

Monday's Must-Haves

In an effort to introduce some structure to my site, any columns published on a Monday will promote a must-have for a girl (or boy) about Asia.

In my introductory session, I urge all of you to ensure that next time you step onto a plane that you have armed yourself with a copy of the Luxe City Guide to that location (if available).

Luxe has now published over 100 guides each packed with entertainment/restaurant/shopping tips, as well as quick tours for the tourist with time.

These sleek, slim-line guides are now also becoming available as mobile versions with editions now ready-to-download for Hong Kong & Macau, London, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney.

Bon Voyage!

Travel Tip: Although Luxe publishes new editions every year, register on their website, make sure you have the ISBN number of your guide handy and download an update to your hard copy before you set off on your travels.

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